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Originally published: 2014-06-16 11:14:18
Last modified: 2014-06-16 11:15:02

Our View: Does Flag Day still matter?

Given the proliferation of holidays we are asked to remember and the wars and battles and deaths we nationally commemorate, the question arises, does a holiday such as Flag Day still matter?

Many of today's students of history are not the students our fathers and mothers were. 

Indeed, how many of us would remember, without being reminded, that Saturday is Flag Day? 

Or, even more challenging, that the Stars and Stripes, as our original flag was known, was designed in 1777 on June 14?

Yet, no matter how little or how much we have individually paid attention, throughout turmoil and trial our flag has endured and stands today as symbols of strength and freedom -- even as it did when those first 13 alternating stripes and 13 white stars were conceived.

Much has changed in our nation in those two centuries, but not the meaning of our flag.

Does Flag Day matter?

In our 24/7 world with so much to occupy our attention, that's a fair question.

But to that question there is only one fair answer: Yes. 

Yes, because even today, there is no more endearing or enduring symbol of the foundation on which our nation was built.