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Originally published: 2013-02-11 10:25:33
Last modified: 2013-02-11 10:26:36

Our View: Clear the way for rebuilding after the flood

Those who remember the flood of 1940 know why today Tweetsie is known as an amusement park and not the narrow gauge East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad that once served Boone. That flood washed away the majority of railroad tracks, and the decision was made to not replace them.

The flooding that quickly swallowed parts of Watauga County at the end of January wasn't such a flood, but did cause significant local damage. Indeed, water levels fell almost as quickly as they rose, but not before forcing the evacuation of dozens of homes, stranding drivers and leaving behind hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to personal property, public facilities and roadways.

It only takes a few inches of flood water in a home to cause thousands of dollars in damage -- damage that is now being assessed by local officials and the state Division of Emergency Management. 

Because that assessment is now ongoing,  it's important to be a part of that if you have damage from floodwaters. Whether you have flood insurance or not, but especially if not, a report could pave the way for future aid: If it is determined by state or federal officials that assistance for flood damage to structures becomes available, it will be critical that you've reported any concerns your home or business sustained. 

Make that report by calling the Watauga County fire marshal at (828) 264-4235.