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Originally published: 2014-06-04 11:47:43
Last modified: 2014-06-04 11:48:27

Our View: Active appointment

Should interim District Attorney Bob Orr have waited until the November general election to abdicate his office in favor of the presumptive 24th Prosecutorial District District Attorney Seth Banks?

Well no, but. ...

Following the outcome of the Republican-only candidate primary, it's a safe bet that Banks will receive at least one required vote in November and so become the people's choice for district attorney.

For this reason, it is logical that he take the job now, while a caretaker appointment is in place. No matter how good a caretaker can be at minding the store, a better choice is a person to run it.

Should then, we be concerned that Orr -- who was chosen by the governor -- endorsed Banks' candidacy and contributed to his campaign? Should we be concerned that Banks was selected by that same governor following Orr's decision to step down?

It would certainly seem that such an outcome was preordained should Banks win, and if so, this would be no good way for an elected official to assume office.

Yet, throughout his career, Orr has been a man of his word, and he is on record stating that it was always his intention to turn over the post to whomever won the primary as soon as that winner was ready -- given the governor's nod, of course.

Today, as we prepare to welcome the popular choice to represent us as district attorney, it is important that Banks work first to rise above this political cloud.