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Originally published: 2014-07-07 10:57:32
Last modified: 2014-07-07 10:58:14

Our View: ASU builds on success

We already know that Appalachian State University's team of solar homestead constructors compete well on a national stage. After all, ASU won the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011 People's Choice award -- the award given by the voting public for its favorite house.

But now that this team has moved to an international stage, the contest begins anew -- and the High Country has the opportunity to let the world know what we think of our university's efforts.

Maison Reciprocity, ASU's entry in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 - and one of only two U.S. universities selected to participate in the competition -- has been reassembled in Versailles, France.

We have no doubt that the net-zero energy home will fare well in all aspects of judging. Indeed, the home has already grabbed the attention of the media, and VIP tours of the entry have been booked since reassembly completion.

But the one award that means most to the High Country is not in the hands of official judges: The People's Choice Award is given by the public.

Earning that award won't be easy. ASU faces competition from among the 20 houses that have arrived from 17 countries and three continents.

But easy has never been what Maison Reciprocity was after. Superior design and construction don't arrive without hard work and dedication. 

Show your support for those achievements at now through July 12.