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Originally published: 2014-04-28 08:30:15
Last modified: 2014-04-28 08:30:15

Our View: A clean sweep

Just as the surest way to spoil the beauty of our mountain home is to pack it with litter and debris, the surest way to keep it beautiful is to clean up the spoils -- even if the spoilage is not of your own making.

That's the idea behind Boone Clean-up Day on Saturday: clearing litter that has accumulated during the winter on our streets and in our streams.

Sign up to help and you won't be alone. Indeed, hundreds of local volunteers will be out in force beginning Saturday and continuing through May 10, part of the thousands who will participate in the statewide Litter Sweep.

While more hardy individuals will follow trails of trash beyond their own property lines, simply taking the effort to clean your own premises by placing rubbish curbside and calling public works for free pick-up will make a dramatic difference in the appearance and health of our High Country home. 

And because yard work is more fun when it becomes a game -- who among us never raked a pile of leaves only to scatter it once more -- there's a competitive element to the cleaning spree: Submit an entry to Boone's "Most Unusual Litter Contest" to the public works center from noon to 1:30 p.m. Saturday. And even if your find isn't the most unusual, the free refreshments and community fellowship you'll find there are prizes of their own.

For those new to all this, the Town of Boone Public Works Center is at 321 E. King St. There, you can pick up cleaning supplies between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. during the event day, or on a day prior. For more information, call (828) 268-6230.