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Originally published: 2013-02-11 09:38:43
Last modified: 2013-02-11 09:39:12

Hunters help feed the hungry

Thumbs-up: to all emergency personnel who assisted with responses during Watauga's flash flooding Jan. 30. Heavy rains and the ensuing flooding left vehicles and their owners stranded and necessitated the evacuation of a significant number of homes. Officials are still assessing local damage costs, but human costs were greatly mitigated by those willing and able to assist in the storm. 
Thumbs-up: to what's in a name. Now on the drawing board before Watauga County commissioners: consideration of renaming Watauga County Public Library in memory of a longtime librarian. The library may eventually become the Evelyn Shook Johnson Memorial Library, but commissioners are right to first draft a county policy for naming public facilities. Such a policy will ensure all future requests are treated fairly. Currently, no policy exists.
Thumbs-up: Watauga County Landfill Gas-to-Energy program which recently earned a "Project of the Year" from the U.S. Environmental Protection Service. The county earned the honor for its production of cost-effective, small-scale electricity generation. And beyond the award, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: At least four other North Carolina counties are emulating the project.
Thumbs-up: to a program that allows hunters to help feed the hungry. In nearby Ashe County, hunters can donate a deer through the North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry Inc. Statewide, more than 20 tons of venison have been certified for the program and processed and donated to families in 14 counties. Contact Ashe County Wildlife Club for more information about the local program.