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Originally published: 2013-08-05 11:55:44
Last modified: 2013-08-05 11:56:53

Diversity will breed success in ASU search

While it can be cumbersome to get 20 individuals to agree on any one course of action, that number seems just about right when it comes to Appalachian State University's chancellor search committee.

It's right because the search for ASU's new leader cannot be conducted without deep and diverse input, and it will take approximately 20 members who will comprise the final committee to form a group representative of the way the university encompasses our community: trustees, students, faculty, staff, alumni and our region at large.

As this search begins, we are encouraged by the words of Michael Steinback, chairman of both the ASU board of trustees and the search committee: "We want to ensure we have appropriately developed a diverse representation of individuals, viewpoints and interests from the ASU campus, community and region."

We're encouraged because it is this committee -- a group of individuals close to the interests which guide our university and community --  which will ultimately recommend three finalists to University of North Carolina President Tom Ross.

It is no easy or simple matter to replace a successful chancellor such as Ken Peacock. Indeed, we wish Peacock well as he prepares for a retirement commingled with an appointment as chairman of the American Council on Education board of directors' finance committee -- both assignments are well earned.

But easy or not, important work will be set before those selected to the forefront of a search for his replacement. We look forward to hearing from those on that front line -- and the diversity of opinion they will proffer.