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Originally published: 2013-10-21 09:40:04
Last modified: 2013-10-21 09:40:58

Rotary holds fruit sale

The annual fruit sale sponsored by the Boone Sunrise Rotary Club is under way. The club is taking orders for fresh citrus from Indian River Groves through Nov. 12, and fruit orders will be shipped to Boone for distribution to customers from Dec. 12 to 15. The fruit sale is a longstanding annual tradition for the Boone Sunrise Rotary Club, which has enjoyed its partnership with the Indian River fruit growers for many years. 

Susan Pettyjohn, fundraising chairwoman for the Boone Sunrise Rotary, said that the fruit sale offers community members access to quality citrus fruit for the holidays -- while at the same time providing a wonderful opportunity to give back to their community.  The boxed citrus fruit is available in small- and large-case sizes. Prices are  $25 per small case and $35 per large case. Cases of mixed fruit (grapefruit and naval oranges) are available for $27 per small case and $37 per large case. 

Small cases weigh approximately 20 pounds and large cases weigh approximately 40 pounds. Once delivered, the fruit orders are stored at the Legends Club on the  Appalachian State University campus.To order citrus fruit online with a credit card, visit Click on "order now" and when promoted to enter an organization number, enter the ID number for the Boone Sunrise Rotary: 729293.  Members of the Boone Sunrise Rotary Club are also available to assist with  orders. Call (828) 262-2207.