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Originally published: 2013-12-23 14:51:09
Last modified: 2013-12-23 14:51:09

Our favorite things about Christmas

by Sherrie Norris

During this most celebrated time of the year, we have asked several High Country residents to share with our readers what they consider their most favorite things about Christmas. 

A thread of compassion for others and a love for family seem to be woven together throughout the responses we received. 

We think you will enjoy hearing from some of your friends and neighbor's as they share their thoughts about this fun, festive and glorious holiday season.

Zac Jones, Boone: My favorite thing at Christmas is watching those cheesy holiday movies, spending time with family and enjoying all the good food -- but most importantly, seeing the live nativity scenes around town that reminds of what Christmas is all about. 

Julie Getty, Boone: My favorite part of Christmas is sitting around the Christmas tree with my family. It brings back so many happy childhood memories and gives me a chance to continue the tradition with my own family.

Brenda Gragg, Boone: For many years, until I began having health problems, one of my most favorite things about Christmas was being able to cook for all of my family and including my sister and her family in our time together. Being with my family is still my favorite part of Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus together. 

Bob Lee, Boone: I receive more joy in watching the excitement of children than just about anything, especially my great-nieces and nephews with whom I share the story of Baby Jesus each Christmas Eve. Then, my wife, Sharon, and I give them stockings stuffed with candies and a flashlight on top, as a reminder that Jesus is the one true light of the world. I get to be Santa for children at a local church every year, too, and it's just the neatest thing to see the glimmer of hope in their eyes.

Cyndi Ziegler: My favorite part of Christmas? What a great question. It has to be hope -- hope that the impossible can happen, that God cares, that he comes to us in ways and through people that we least expect and it is always for our benefit. My favorite carol is "O Holy Night" because it speaks to this hope ... "Then He appeared, and the soul felt its worth." How beautiful that when we find ourselves in him, we recognize our value.

Trey Dunnigan, Boone:  My favorite part of Christmas is the gift of giving because I absolutely love the look on someone's face when they get a gift. I also love celebrating the birth of Christ, because he died on the cross for us so we can be forgiven.

Billie Rogers, Deep Gap: Since I don't have any children of my own, my favorite part of Christmas is being able to buy gifts for less fortunate children -- and then trying to imagine the expressions on their faces when they open their gifts.

Carol Brown, Boone: Well, the obvious: The birth of Jesus is my favorite part of Christmas and the greatest gift that we could hope for. I also enjoy the community spirit that prevails during this season when many people are focused on making life better for others and thinking about special ways to give of themselves. It's also the one time of year that you can count on family being together without a lot of distractions.

Evelina Idol, Boone: My most favorite thing about Christmas is the time we can spend with those we love and to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It's a festive time of year when most people are at their best and we're all trying to make it a good time for those around us.
 Billy Hoilman Jr., Newland: My favorite part of Christmas is the general atmosphere and spirit.