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Originally published: 2014-05-12 15:39:59
Last modified: 2014-05-12 15:40:43

Malloy receives 2014 Great Teacher Award

by Staff Reports

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute has named communications instructor Matthew Malloy as its 2014 Great Teacher Award winner.

The Great Teacher Award, an honor given annually to an instructor at CCC&TI, was named for the National Great Teachers Seminar, which is held in Hawaii. CCC&TI uses the award as a way to recognize excellent service among the college's faculty. Each year, nominations are made by faculty members, current students or former students for the award. The previous year's Great Teacher chairs a committee that selects a new winner.

Malloy is originally from New Jersey, but moved to the Morganton area with his family while in high school. Malloy completed an undergraduate degree at Appalachian State University and then moved to New York City after graduation. While in New York, Malloy spent five years as a corporate trainer and earned his master's degree in speech and interpersonal communication at New York University.

Malloy says he always knew that he wanted to become a teacher but was unsure of what subject to teach until starting his college education.

"I couldn't initially decide on what to teach until I took my first communication class as an undergraduate. I remember loving that class and thought, 'OK, this is what I want to teach,'"  Malloy said.

He said after five years in the big city, he was ready to make a change and applied for an adjunct position at CCC&TI. He landed the position and has served at the college since 2004.

As a communications instructor, Malloy takes on one of the most common fears among all students -- public speaking.

"Teaching speech, you encounter many nervous and anxious speakers," he said. "I have a few that have told me that they just can not give the speech. I talk them through it, from choosing a topic that they will enjoy talking about to helping them gain some confidence to get up and do it." 

Malloy said that occasionally he even hears from graduates or former students about successful presentations they've made on the job or in another classroom. He says that's what makes teaching worth the effort.

"The most enjoyable aspect of teaching is seeing a student 'get it,'" he said. "It really gives me a sense of satisfaction."

Malloy says that several people have inspired him and had a positive impact on his career.

"Dr. Nina Jo Moore at Appalachian State University inspired me. She really has an approachable teaching style. Ms. Sylvia Jones, who taught that first COM class, also had a big part in how I teach. Finally, I learned a lot 'on the job' from (fellow CCC&TI instructor) Christina Toy."

When Malloy is not busy in the classroom, he also enjoys gardening, hiking and traveling.