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Residents of Deerfield Ridge Assisted Living gather to honor and celebrate original residents Carolyn Hughes, John Robinson and the late Judy Sutton on Thursday.

Photo by Allison Haver

Originally published: 2014-06-26 17:59:03
Last modified: 2014-07-01 12:36:32

Deerfield residents honored

by Allison Haver

Residents and staff members of Deerfield Ridge Assisted Living gathered in the facility's backyard to pay tribute to and celebrate the original residents of the retirement community.

Judy Sutton, who died on June 21 following a 10-year period battling COPD, was the first resident of Deerfield Ridge.

Sutton was an avid gardener, loved playing games and spending time with the other residents of Deerfield Ridge, according to Sutton's obituary.
During the celebration on Thursday, residents shared stories about their fellow resident and friend.

"Judy, in her dying, taught us how to live. She taught us how to persevere," resident Ethel Roark said.

Longtime resident Carolyn Hughes said that she really enjoyed Sutton's company and that "she was always laughing."

Sutton worked as a legal secretary for Finger, Watson, di Santi & McGee in the late 1920s and early 1980s. He then moved to Atlanta to work for Laing Properties.

Later, she moved to New Smyrna Beach, Fla., to open a florist business.
Two other longtime residents of Deerfield, Hughes and John Robinson, were also honored on Thursday.

Hughes moved into Deerfield in 2005 with her late husband, Jim Hughes.
"I am fortunate to have all of you be my support. I appreciate everything everyone has done," Hughes said to the Deerfield staff and her fellow residents.

Hughes, 77, who is from Caldwell County, started working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation when she was just 17.
"I was a filing clerk," Hughes said. "I had to get a permit to work and would leave work around 9 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. and go to business school at night."

Hughes said that she would always be grateful to the FBI.

Robinson also came to live at Deerfield in 2005 with his late wife, Bertha Robinson. The couple was married for 67 years and was together at Deerfield for four years before Bertha died in March 2011.

"We had a good life together," Robinson said.

Patty Blanton, Robinson's oldest child out of six, accompanied him to the celebration on Thursday.

Blanton wore a blue and green beaded necklace that her mother had made during one of the craft classes at Deerfield.

"I wore it to honor her today," Blanton said.

Deerfield Ridge Assisted Living is located off Bamboo Road in Boone.

For more information about Deerfield, call (828) 264-0336 or visit