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Dechari Moose Cole, pictured with her husband, Jason, will return to her hometown of Boone on Oct. 12 to sign books from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Cornerstone Christian Bookstore. Photo submitted.

Originally published: 2013-09-30 10:50:52
Last modified: 2013-09-30 11:05:02

Boone native leads Nashville ministry

by Sherrie Norris

Watauga County native Dechari Moose Cole is making a name for herself in Nashville, but she didn't go there to become a country music star. 


Cole is the founder of a new ministry called Girls Living 4 God and is the author of a new book, "Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending," geared to young women seeking to live a life dedicated to God, while waiting on his will for their lives.

"It was all God's doing," Cole said, "and definitely unexpected."


Cole will be returning to Boone, her hometown, on Saturday, Oct. 12 and will meet and greet friends and fans. She will sign books from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Cornerstone Christian Bookstore on Blowing Rock Road.


Cole describes her book as one "primarily for teens," but appropriate for all young women from sixth grade through college. "Honestly, I know of several adult women who have been excited to read it, as well," she said.


Cole described her book as "my story as a teen in search of love and all the lessons God had to teach me along the way -- about boys, dating, beauty, humbleness, purity, hurt,

security, worth, friendships, about God himself -- and more."


Only when a young lady is captured by the beauty and majesty of Christ, does she find real joy in the center of God's will for her life, Cole said.

"Finding Your Fairytale Ending" shows teenage girls how to look beyond the make-believe messages of today's culture, she said. "They will discover that with Jesus, 'happily ever after' isn't just for fairy tales," she said.

Her personal experience led her to a love, Cole said, that she never knew was possible -- "both in my relationship with Jesus and finding God's will for my life in who God had for me to marry."


Finding her publisher, B&H publishing, a division of LifeWay, was God-inspired, too, Cole said, and the trailer she taped "has it's own story of answered prayer."


"I had asked God for a fairy-tale song to go with my book," she said. "That very afternoon, I got a call from a friend, saying, 'You'll never guess who I just met. This guy talks about stuff like you do, and he has an album called 'Better than a Fairy Tale' and a song called 'Princess.'"


Cole had not mentioned to her friend that she had prayed for a song. "So the two of us teamed up to make the trailer," she said.


From the book, Cole said, has stemmed a ministry called "Girls Living 4 God," that encourages girls to seek God "with all their heart in every aspect of their lives and to learn to testify to the things He's doing."


In conjunction with the Oct. 1 book release, Cole is hosting what she calls "a true fairy tale ball" at a mansion and gardens in Nashville that same evening -- complete with a Cinderella-like carriage, red carpet treatment, a walk through the enchanted garden, dinner in the mansion, dancing, keepsake photos, "cool surprises and more," she said, including the first signed copies of her book.


"After I speak to the girls, several young men in tuxedos will come out to surprise them as they ask them to dance to 'Princess,' (performed live) and present each one with a necklace, reminding her of her true identity in Christ," Cole said.


The one-of-a-kind event, Cole said, will include girls from various walks of life who will learn more about GL4G and make great connections with other girls and ministries.


Seeking God's best, not settling for less


"Girls Living 4 God" is a community of girls all over the world who love Jesus and want to continuously seek God's best and His will in every aspect of their lives, Cole said. "They seek every opportunity to testify to what God is doing in their lives, or teaching them, so that they can sharpen others and be sharpened, while bringing glory to God," she said. "They know that living for God is a life full of purpose and fulfillment and they don't want anyone to settle for less."


Cole said her purpose for the ministry is simple: "To encourage girls to live for God by getting deeper into His truths, as well as hearing and sharing testimonies of what God has done in their lives."


It is Cole's desire to "help break the mold of Hollywood and society's norms of self-indulgence," she said, "by pushing for a movement of girls who are wholeheartedly learning to trust and seek God's wisdom and instruction."


And, hopefully, through them, she said, "God's light will shine bright to the world around them."


The mission of her ministry, Cole said, is to provide platforms (through the web, social media, videos, and events) for girls to testify to the amazing things God is doing -- along with offering great products and accessories that encourage Christian living.


"We want to Biblically talk about topics that affect our way of living and thinking, and ultimately encourage each other to a stronger walk of faith," she said. "We want to help support certain girls who are being bold in their faith, as well as support ministries that are fighting for the poor, orphaned, and fighting against sex trafficking."


Above all, Cole said, "we expect God to use our lives for His purpose of bringing others to know Jesus."


In a world that teaches short lived, instant gratification, someone needs to stand up and say "No," she said. "There are some things that are worth the wait," she said.


An extension of Cole's book and ministry is simply known as "Worth the Wait," in which group settings with young female participants focus on the ministry's motto: "Seeking God's Best, Not Settling for Less."


Cole, a self-described "Boone girl all the way from elementary school through graduation from Appalachian State," hopes to see her friends and other familiar faces at the Cornerstone.


She lives with her husband, Jason Cole, in Nashville and returns to Boone frequently to visit with her mother, Janice Moose and other relatives.

See more of her story in the November issue of All About Women magazine.


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