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Originally published: 2013-12-23 14:47:25
Last modified: 2013-12-23 14:48:11

Boone Police extend community food drive

The Boone Police Department is extending a food drive that it is currently conducting.

The food collected during this drive will be donated to the Hunger and Health Coalition in Boone for distribution, according to a spokesman for the Boone Police Department.

"The dates for the event were designated to be until Jan. 3; however, due to requests from the community, we have decided to add an extension to allow for the food drive's full potential," the spokesman said.

"We have had great success with this food drive to date, but we have received requests for more time to collect food during the holidays. We want to see this effort help as many people in our area as possible.  The new end date for our food drive is Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014.  Please keep in mind that food can be donated year round to the Hunger and Health Coalition in Boone," the spokesman said.

 "Many of us recently enjoyed another Thanksgiving and are now preparing for the holidays, but too many people in our community are trying to plan how to feed their families. For many families, home heating costs and the rising cost of food continue to make keeping food on the table an ongoing struggle," BPD Lt. Chris Hatton said.

Anyone can help by simply donating food during the food drive.  

Although any nonperishable food is accepted, there are a few items that the Hunger and Health Coalition seems to always find to be in short supply, Hatton said.

He said the following items would be very much appreciated: peanut butter, grape jelly, breakfast cereal and Chef Boyardee-type canned pasta.

"We are requesting that you drop any donated items off at the Boone Police Department's front lobby anytime before Jan. 15, 2014. We will then deliver the donated items to the Hunger and Health Coalition," Hatton said.