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Originally published: 2013-09-10 18:24:55
Last modified: 2013-09-10 18:25:39

Boone Drug partners on Charleston store

The "biggest little chain around" is getting bigger.

Boone Drug has partnered with pharmacist Dottie Farfone to form Dottie's Pharmacy in Charleston, S.C., which opened Monday.

John Stacy, co-owner of the Boone Drug chain, said planning for the new store started about six months ago after Farfone, a pharmacist with the Avery Pharmacy, moved to Charleston to be closer to family.

"She was a great employee and wanted to open her own store down there," Stacy said.

The store will be unique because it will be a traditional and a compounding pharmacy, which modifies drugs to meet physicians' needs for medicines that aren't commercially available.

Dottie's Pharmacy will be the 17th in the Boone Drug chain and the only store in South Carolina. Other stores are located in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Its location means it won't be advertised as much in conjunction with the existing stores, Stacy said, but it will operate similarly to others in the chain.

"She felt like we could benefit her by using our buying power and stuff, and then she can run it from there," Stacy said.

The outpost is located on Folly Road in Charleston, S.C.