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Volunteers with a local project to create a new emergency shelter in Watauga County include L.
Carey Rowland, Sarah Roark, Gabrielle Barlow, Norma Roark, Adah Loscheider, Amy Todd-
Paine, Carrie Gummerson, Brenda Groleau, Leah Bouchard, Amy Miller, Lloyd Blackwell and
Steve Marks, ARC Disaster Program manager.
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Originally published: 2013-12-23 15:07:45
Last modified: 2013-12-23 15:08:30

Alliance Bible Fellowship offers facility as shelter in case of disaster

The Blue Ridge Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Alliance Bible Fellowship have entered into an agreement to utilize the fellowship facility as an emergency shelter in the event of a communitywide disaster. 

The purpose of the shelter is to provide a safe environment to all in need during and immediately after an area disaster. 

Alliance Bible Fellowship is the latest addition to a growing number of shelters strategically placed through the High Country,

"We are very fortunate, not only to have the shelter available, but also have a number of church members volunteering to staff and manage the facility in the event of an emergency situation," Steve Marks, disaster services specialist of the American Red Cross, said.

Church members recently completed a one-day Fundamentals of Sheltering course that was instructed by Marks.

Assistant Pastor Lloyd Blackwell hosted the training and expresses his pleasure in having the opportunity to assist the Red Cross in the local endeavor.

 The Blue Ridge Chapter of the ARC is currently establishing disaster shelters throughout the High Country and is in need of additional volunteers. The Red Cross has many volunteer opportunities; for additional information go to

Individuals interest in assisting the Blue Ridge Chapter of the ARC in disaster relief can contact Lee T. Wittmann, ARC mass care lead, at ( or (828) 260-0060.