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Originally published: 2014-05-14 14:53:25
Last modified: 2014-05-14 14:59:38

'A Beautiful Story' unfolding at Perkinsville Baptist Church

by Sherrie Norris

Perkinsville Baptist Church in Boone will be hosting what pastor Seth Norris describes as "a unique service," on Saturday, May 24, during which several individuals will share their personal stories of heartache, hope and victory. Their testimonies will be interwoven with selections of worship music in the 7 p.m. event referred to as "A Beautiful Story."

"We have a beautiful diversity of folks who are willing to share their stories and testimonies on this special night" Norris said. "I know their stories will encourage others and give God glory through their candid, yet faithful, words." 

Among those slated to speak include Mike Stapleton, who will share his story of how God redeemed him from a methamphetamine addiction. Paige Mast, widow of Deputy William Mast Jr., will share her deeply personal testimony about how the 2012 death of her husband changed her life forever and shook the foundations of this entire community.

Amy Lunceford will speak to the hearts of many who were raised in the church, but did not come to a realization of Jesus Christ's lordship until years later, Norris said. 

"The diversity in our speakers is illustrative of God's redemptive scope in salvation," Norris said. "Salvation is not about all the events in our life, but rather about one event in our life."

In preparation for the upcoming service, Tabatha Wilcox, a worship leader at Perkinsville Baptist Church, has spent countless hours praying through worship songs, that not only have excellent musical quality, but more importantly, have words that communicate our deepest thoughts, pains and praises, Norris said. 

"God has determined the songs selected for this service," Wilcox said. "While praying over what we would do, God gave us a song to correspond with each story that will be told." 

On behalf of their church family, both Norris and Wilcox are delighted, they said, to help coordinate such an event that will glorify God, while allowing others to hear the stories that he is writing in the lives of his people. 

"A Beautiful Story" promises to be a special night for both believers and unbelievers alike, Norris said. 

"I hope that seekers and skeptics will attend. There are plenty of intellectual arguments that suggest God is not active in our lives, but God's activity is hard to deny when you hear and see how he is making beauty from ashes," he said. 

Norris cited a popular quote that puts it all in perspective: "The story that God is writing for you is fundamentally more beautiful than anything that you could write for yourself." 

Although many of us probably do not question God's capability over our own, Norris said, adding, "We also have seasons where we may want an edited version  -- a version with less pain and less grief." 

Trusting God as author is relatively simple when things go well, Norris said.  "But, in the moments of tragedy and despair, we tend to take very different paths. One path often leads to anger, hostility and distance, while the other path leads to the discovery of God's healing, joy and beauty." 

Regardless of the bumps and turns in each of our stories, Norris said, "our desire is that we can find peace in the story that God is writing for us, because after all, it is the most beautiful story." 

This upcoming event is free and open to the public

"In addition to joining worship leaders in song, everyone in attendance will have an opportunity to respond at the end of the night," Norris said. "Hopefully, there will be a number of people who yield their own story- writing attempts to the ultimate author - God."  

For more information on the worship night, or any of the ministries at Perkinsville Baptist Church, visit or call (828) 264-8605.